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August 19 2018


Motorcycle accident news michigan

A Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Moss & Colella is ready to provide strong representation to motorcycle crash victims throughout Michigan.

July 27 2018


Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian Deaths Increase in the Motor City. People love the longer days and shorter nights of summer. Speak with an Auto Accident lawyer at Elia and Ponto.

July 21 2018


Michigan Lasik

Phakic IOL (intraocular lens), also known as Visian Implantable Collamer Lens or ICL is a rising alternative to LASIK eye surgery and PRK for correcting moderate to severe myopia and can in some cases actually produce superior vision when compared to laser refractive surgery options such as Lasik and Lasek.
Tags: Michigan Lasik

July 19 2018


Michigan Auto And Truck Glass Replacement

Windshield Pro has specialized in repairing and replacing auto glass, windshields, automotive tinting, commercial vans, semi truck and now we also do window regulators.

Michigan Lasik Eye Surgery

Millions of people around the world have had the joy of freeing themselves from glasses and enjoying their life to the fullest.

July 14 2018


Leading Michigan Lasik specialist near me

The Yaldo Eye Center specializes in Michigan Lasik Eye Surgery and is led by one of the leading Lasik eye surgeons. Schedule a FREE LASIK EVALUATION Today!

July 04 2018


Best Michigan Car Accident Attorney

At The Law Firm of Elia & Ponto we understand and appreciate that when potential clients contact our office, they are often looking for more than a monetary recovery. Many times, our clients are looking for help in recovering from the injuries they sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence. We have realized over the years that most clients are unaware of the medical benefits they may be entitled to the moment they are in an automobile accident, or that in certain circumstances, a business or other private property may have insurance covering medical treatment related to the injuries sustained in the accident. A Michigan Auto Accident lawyer must be dedicated to your case. That’s why here at the Michigan Auto Accident law firm of Elia & Ponto we treat every client like family.

July 03 2018


Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer

So the big question, what if you are hit by a drunk driver in Michigan. Suppose you are driving back home for your late-night shift.
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